1798 Rebellion, Claimants and Surrenders


The 1798 Rebellion was one of the most traumatic periods in recent Irish history. While documentary evidence for the majority of participants and victims is patchy there are three lists of c. 8,300 people from this period, which were published between 1798-1800. These have been republished for the first time on CD (Eneclann, 2005) and include:

  • Over 6,100 people who made compensation claims for property destroyed all over Ireland during the Rebellion
  • Over 1,000 people who surrendered arms in Dublin City and County in 1798
  • Over 1,000 people who surrendered arms in Coolock Barony, Co. Dublin, in 1798

In the reign of terror, which at that time was the order of the day in Dublin, The Riding House of Mr. Beresford’s corps was organized under certain auspices as one of the flagellating tribunals, and the instrumental and vocal music produced by the cats of the drummers and the cries of the victim were generally heard for about six hours per day by the surrounding neighbourhood. A wag passing by this tribunal wrote with a piece of chalk in large letters upon the gate, "Mangling done here by Claudy and Co". (Spirit of Irish Wit)

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