Brian J. Cantwell's Memorials of the Dead


Brian J.Cantwell's Memorials of the Dead contains transcriptions of c. 67,300 people from 24,400 memorials taken from over 540 graveyards and churches; primarily from Counties Wicklow, Wexford and South Dublin but include published and unpublished work from Counties Clare, Cork, Kildare, Galway and Sligo. The field work, conducted between 1970-91, included all visible legible memorials in graveyards up to 1880 and all interior church memorials.

The indices and relevant texts below are taken from the CD, published in 2005, The surname indexes, to include first names, were expanded for online research at Irish Origins and findmypast.

Kinnagh Co. Wexford. Here lieth the body of Anthony Reynolds a native of the County Tyrone. He was faithful to his employer and altho a miller was an honest man. Depd this life Decr 13th 1790 aged 33 years

There are two sections: Texts and Indexes.



The Indexes are divided into four parts

  • Graveyard Index
  • Surname Index
  • Placename Index
  • Occupational Index

The Graveyard Indexes are subdivided into two parts

The Surname Index is subdivided into three parts

The Placename Index is subdivided into five parts