And I don’t doubt, before the journey’s done
You mean to while the time in tales and fun
Indeed, there’s little pleasure for your bones
Riding along and all as dumb as stones

Geoffirey Chaucer, Canterbury Tales, c. 1386 (trans. Nevill Coghill, 1951)


Halong Bay, Vietnam

West African Desert

On Abandoning A Shirt in Abene, Senegal

African Transport Hub – a Primer

A Nightmare in Africa major (♪ A Gormless Gullible Gobdaw’s Unfinished Journey in Terminal Transport to Destination Nowhere: The Vacant Vacuous Void of the Soul’s Absurd Awful Appalling Abysmal Abyss. ♪ ♫♫ A Daft Delirious Dark Delusion, Weird Bizarre Hallucinatory Vision & Ghastly Grisly Grim Galumphry in Africa major ♫♫)

Rat on the Bus (Uganda)