Gorilla_Highlands_cover_for_iBooks.225x225-75 Gorilla Highlands (1st edition 2013) on the iPad is a multitouch multimedia tourist guide containing c. 400 pages of information and photos about southwestern Uganda.

Gorilla Highlands, Uganda’s official entry to the 2013 World Summit Award, was judged to be one of the five winners in the e-culture and tourism category. The awards are made by the United Nation’s World Summit on the Information Society in recognition of the creative use of interactive digital media in content and diversity.

The Travel Guide offers quality advice on accommodation, food, transport and itineraries that has greater levels of detail compared with regional African and Ugandan guides due to its local focus and the team’s knowhow and local knowledge.

The In-Depth Companion is a comprehensive description of history and culture, parks and wildlife which targets Ugandans as well as international readers.

Studio Edirisa is a Ugandan-based multimedia social enterprise that believes that Ugandans must appreciate their culture and history for the country to truly prosper. We also promote and support cultural tourism as a means of economic development for local residents with the provision of accomodation, canoe transport, crafts and indigenous medicine.

Available online at www.gorillahighlands.com

A PDF synopsis can be found here

Gorilla Highlands is an Studio Edirisa production. You can follow their regularly updated projects on Gorilla Highlands and Facebook at www.facebook.com/gorillahighlands.

A new expanded edition has been researched to include Landscape, Wildlife, History and Culture of Rwanda and DR Congo along the mountainous, sometimes volcanic, eastern and western shores of Lake Kivu, the Western Rift’s highest lake and home to some of Africa’s richest biodiversity and endemic species.

The guide will explore the dramatic landscape that was a refuge for flora and fauna during Ice Age climatic downturns, a centre of Iron Age cultural, agricultural and technological innovation, pastoral kingdom expansion and conflict with traditional mountain clan confederations, and a modern day frontier of nation-states

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