Kigezi Colonial Mosaic (2019) is the 2nd book on Kigezi History that focuses on the colonial period with 468 pages. There are extensive transcripts of important colonial sources, viz. Captain Coote’s daily diary of the Kivu Mission of 1909-1910; DC Elliot’s memoirs of Kigezi of the 1920s; and over 200 case synopses of traditional marriage law disputes in Native Courts 1930s-60s, primarily dealing with brideprice disputes but including inheritance and criminal cases of a sexual nature.

Additional articles include a biography of Muhumuza that includes new information from Rwandan sources and English archives, DC Philipp’s original 1919 article on Nyabingi and how the knowledge of Nyabingi and Muhumuza transferred to Jamaica and Rastafari in the early 20th century, various published descriptions of Kigezi; a colonial assessment of the district, 1959, (at the beginning of the Resettlement period); and finishes with the minutes of the 1970 History Conference in Kabale that prepared for the publication of the 1972 History of Kigezi edited by Donald Denoon.

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 The Colonial Impact on Kigezi Society, a review

Chapter 3 Names have Histories

Chapter 4 Bakiga ‘Anarchy’ Myth

Chapter 5 Muhumuza (c. 1870-1944/5)

Chapter 6 Kivu Mission, The Coote Diaries, 1909-10

Chapter 7 1920 Uganda Handbook, Kigezi

Chapter 8 Nyabingi, DC Philipps’ article, 1919

Chapter 9 DC Elliot’s Memoirs, 1920s and later

Chapter 10 1935 Uganda Guide, Kigezi

Chapter 11 Traditional Marriage Law in the Native Courts, 1935-61, 200 synopses

Chapter 12 How Jamaica and Rastafari learnt of Muhumuza and Nyabingi

Chapter 13 1950 Saben Guide, Kigezi

Chapter 14 1953 Colonial Assessment of Kigezi

Chapter 15 1959 Colonial description of Kigezi

Chapter 16 1960 Uganda Travelogue, Kigezi

Chapter 17 1970 History Conference,


1 Kigezi Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1930s to 1960s, incomplete statistics

2 Kigezi Poll Tax Returns, 1930s to 1960s, incomplete statistics

3 C.M.S. Ruanda Mission Notes

4 White Father Notes

5 Additional Bibliography

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