A History of Kigezi (1972) editor: Donald Denoon.

The classic local history book with essays by prominent post-independence Ugandan and Missionary historians. Long out-of-print, this free scan download will be a boon to students, local and family historians, and university academics interested in Kigezi’s past.

Kigezi History Conference at Kabale, 1970 The conference that led to the publication of the above book with list of attendees and minutes of the conference discussions

Wildlife and Conservation

See Central African Miscellany page (https://iancantwell.com/central-african-miscellany/) for documents on the Uganda Protectorate Game and Fisheries Department; Mountain Gorillas on Virunga Volcanoes (Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo NPs) and Kayonza Forest (aka Bwindi Impenetrable NP); and Elephant (Murchison’s NP)